Food Technology

About Food Technology

  • Food Technology is a science branch that deals with the techniques involved in the production, processing, preservation, packaging, labeling, quality management, and distribution of food products.
  • The field also involves techniques and processes that are used to transform raw materials into food. Extensive research goes behind making food items edible as well as nutritious.
  • As deep as we go into the dimensions of food technology, we require professionals in this field. And, this has led to the emergence of food technology courses.
  • There are a plethora of opportunities for students who wish to pursue a course in food technology. Graduates or postgraduates in the course can seek jobs in different domains such as restaurants, catering establishments, hospitals, food processing companies, etc.
  • Food is one of the very essential things in life that one cannot live without, which is the reason why the food industry has been booming.
  • Food Technology is for those who love food and wants to help the world by creating a sustainable food resource.
  • The course provides professionals with knowledge of the development, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and usage of safe, nutritive, and healthy foods.
  • Food technologists get to work in different food tech companies, research centers dedicated to the improvement of the quality of the food.
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